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Sold South Realty

3112 Blue Lake Drive Suite 100 Birmingham, AL 35243

Where Overachievement Meets Sustaining Customer Relations

In a world built on the demands of economic growth and generational wellness, there is a dire need for a real estate agent that brings a new branding to advocacy, sales, analytics, consultation, negotiation, and marketing. Namely, Meca Story Jackson is a prime example of that branding. Having developed a well-versed background in education, ambition, and commitment, Meca Story Jackson puts a new emphasis on the meaning of working for the customer. Born and raised in the heart of Alabama in Birmingham, Mrs.  Jackson completed a vast variety of studies, ultimately obtaining degrees of academic excellence from Stillman College in 1996 and Alabama State University in 2001. Collectively, she has been accoladed by a B.S. Degree, M.S. Degree, and Ed.S. Mrs. Jackson’s extensive background in education and commitment to customer service is what sets her apart in the industry of Real Estate.

One of her leading qualities is her ability to be collaborate. Clients who seek out the support of real estate agents are extremely mindful of the ever changing market forces of supply and demand; and this is a skill Mrs. Jackson has honed. Mrs. Jackson gives adamant attention to generating leads and leveraging referrals on an ongoing basis to ensure her clients find the best home environment and commercial properties. Another leading quality that sets Mrs. Jackson apart from her peers is leverage relationships before sales. Mrs. Jackson keeps her clients at the center of all she does by exhibiting stellar communication skills, eliciting information, and being an active listener. She honors her clients by showing a huge effort of paying closely attention to details and delivering on every commitment. Lastly, Mrs. Jackson seeks first to understand and use her knowledge to drive negotiation. She has a superior understanding of the market and keen understanding of putting the customer first. With this, she delivers outstanding service to her clients.

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